Monday, October 13, 2008

What's happened in my life.

Well, what's happened to me, you asked?

I've had to deal with a huge crisis that I would never want to wish on my worse enemy. My husband admitted to the charges finally. He was convicted and is now serving 16 years in prison. My step daughter has gone on in her life like nothing ever happened. She's engaged to be married, to someone that I don't agree with. She only comes around when she needs something. But I finally told her, I have to love her from a distance. It just brings up feelings that I don't want anymore. My step son hasn't came to visit since his sister moved out. It's like he cut his feelings of me being his mother for all those years. I guess that's his way of copeing with all this too. I don't fault him in anyway. We never know what anyone will do in this situation or what's for the best. What works for one, sometimes doesn't for another, we are all different.

I will be getting a divorce from my husband. There is no way that I can stay with a man like that. I don't believe God would want me too either. I've prayed about it, and that's that conclusion that I came too. Needless to say this has changed me forever. I have alot of issues to work on now for myself, trust is a big issue now, when I use to trust everyone. My relationship with God was rocked to something that I'd never thought would happen. I still can't believe he let this happen in a loving christian home. The devil can slip in so easily in anywhere. I hated God for awhile and blamed him, have channeled now the anger where it should be and that is towards the devil, he's the blame. My life is so changed, and I don't like it. So I am bitter, I want to change that, but it's hard to get passed the hurt and anger. I will get through this, someday. That's all for now. Thanks for listening.

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