Monday, October 27, 2008

Todays stuff

Well what to put here?????? Let's see, I woke up , thank God, in no pain for once in days, this morning. Walked the puppy. Trying to do that everyday, for my benefit of loosing more weight, and for the benefit of my clean floors. That puppy of my sons is doing better with his potty training now. Just have to keep reminding the lazy teenage son to get off his butt and take him out. My son hated school, so he went and done the classes and graduated last week with the GED program. He said he wanted to get a job, but he hasn't made much effort this week. LOL, figures.

I also worked today 7 hours without the pain too from my fibromyalgia!! So happy for that.

Mom went this afternoon for a check up from her surgery on her back, and they are thrilled with all the progress she has made so fast. We are too. She is so much more a happy person doing for herself. She can be a meanie trying to get others to do things when and how she likes it done. Oh no, I'm like that too!! Wow, turned into my mother, oh well it isnt that bad being like my hero.

Well we got our first sleet shower today. It made it colder here in Virginia fast! Not ready for winter and all that cold. It makes me hurt and more work.

I was hopein to be in a smaller home by now, but can't seem to find one. I love this area and don't want to move out of it, but might have too. This house is way to big for 2 people. Costs to much to heat too. So, I'm still looking for something smaller.

Well thats all I got right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful restful nights rest.

Take care.

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Lainey Laine said...

Hey lovely to meet you. Found you following my blog, thanks! Im now going to follow yours too! Laine xxxx